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Kofax Education Services

Acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed with Kofax

On-site Training

Kofax offers on-site training as a cost-effective alternative for organizations needing to train 6-20 employees at one time. For more information, please send an e-mail to

Class Delivery Options:
Two options are available for Instructor Led classes delivered at your location:

  1. An Instructor travels to your location.
  2. An Instructor teaches remotely, via the internet.  No travel is required for your employees or for the Kofax Instructor.

On-site Training Details


  • Kofax Capture - $18,000 for the first 6 trainees plus $1,500 for each additional trainee.
  • Kofax Transformation Modules - $24,000 for the first 6 trainees plus $2,000 for each additional trainee.
  • Travel – Training staff air travel, hotel, transportation and meals will be billed at actual cost.  No instructor travel charges with option 2.

Training Materials Provided by Kofax:

  • Kofax will provide complete training materials for all attendees including application software, license, files required for class labs and reference material.

Course Duration:

  • 5 full days for Kofax Capture Training and Certification
  • 5 full days for Kofax Transformation Modules Training and Certification

Facility Requirements:

  • On-site system minimums include a PC for each student including:
    • Pentium 4 Processor, 2GHz or better, USB Port
    • 2GB + RAM, TCP/IP Protocol installed, DVD Reader, Keyboard and Mouse
    • Flat Panel Monitor, 1024 X 768 (1280 X 1024 or higher recommended) resolution
    • Supported Windows Operating System, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher
    • Administrator permissions on the local machine
    • Internet access including SMTP on Port 25 and POP3 on port 110
  • Presentation Equipment for option 1
    • 1 LCD projector with minimum 1024 X 768 resolution
    • 1 white projection screen
    • White board or flip chart with markers
  • Presentation Equipment for option 2
    • A speaker phone or other audio conference equipment is required in the classroom
    • Other audio and visual options are available. Please call for details.